My most valuable experiences, interesting projects, campaigns, new artistic graphics and, above all, a lot of practical guidelines for creating linocuts are the most important topics of the articles on this blog. I hope that the content will inspire and make it easier for everyone to get started with linocut.

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Someone once said that dots linocut is made by extracting the light from darkness, and it is indeed a very accurate description. When viewing graphics made by this technique, it can seem that the visible elements are coming out from the shadows.  ...

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Cycle of mini prints, PILGRIM

Graphics under the title Pilgrim refer to the realm of sacrum and profanum, It’s a path to reach a destination. The expedition is a challenge for a human, an opportunity to fight with his weaknesses and also to reflect on himself.The destination, which symbol becomes...

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About linocut and my inspirations •

We make decisions that often can’t be undone every day. That is why most of our choices should be well-thought-out. The same thing is with graphics, especially with linocut and woodcut. Once put or cut line or dot will stay forever on the surface of the matrix. It is...

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What’s Eating You? Social campaign

In collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi IS I created a series of prints for a social campaign. To highlight the problem of stress we have created the world’s first relief prints taken from real people’s nails – the part of the body, that shows stress the most....

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